Certified Golf/Landscape Auditing


Having a great deal of experience irrigating the desert climates of New Mexico, we realize the importance of having an efficient and water conscience irrigation system. And likewise, auditing irrigation systems has become common practice for most governmental agencies in our area. Audits are typically performed after installation to measure the actual distribution uniformity as measured in the field, under normal operating conditions. This practice has been the single most influence for improving not only the water conservation tools, but the actual quality of the irrigation system designs. Without a quality design, water conservation measures cannot be met and therefore will not be accepted by the taxpayers.

As we have learned through conducting literally hundreds of landscape irrigation audits, the quality of the data and the way it was derived has every bearing in determining whether or not any particular irrigation system is acceptable. We have made huge investments in acquiring the tools and experience necessary to gather the most accurate field data possible. From setting precise catchment grids, to documenting all environmental conditions to recording system pressure observed throughout the entire course of the audit. Our data is not only entirely reproducible but consistent in mathematical fact. We offer testing procedures and data collection with unparalleled accuracy, unmatched by any other company.

If you require factual and mathematical evidence as to the efficiency of your irrigation system, we would be happy to provide you with the documentation you need to make informed decisions and real conservation improvements.