Water Management Services

Sensor Technologies

We specialize in meeting your sensor needs. Whether you are monitoring something or controlling something, we can provide the design you need to be good at what you do. There are hundreds of sensor technologies available and knowing the correct application and limitation is fundamental. If you are monitoring your soil moisture level, salinity, temperature, field capacity or all of these. Individually or all at the same time, wirelessly or wired, we can design your sensor needs. Read More

On-site Evaluations & Analysis

If you need a professional opinion or a detailed analysis of your current irrigation system we can help. There are many reasons why you may need us to look at your system. You may have dry spots, wet spots, pressure issues, pumping problems, water quality issues, maintenance issues and even fundamental design problems. We bring to the table over 56 years of professional design and installation experience. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to identify problems and design a real working ... Read More

Centralizing & Radio Communications

Central technology is nothing new to irrigation. In fact, if you have more than a couple irrigation controllers to manage, we would like to show you the benefits of centralizing your system. Centralizing is the common word for “helps me manage my water more efficiently and effectively”. If you are managing watering schedules, watering windows, times, flows or anything else irrigation related at multiple sites or over a large area, you should fully understand how centralized control can be a ... Read More

Upgrading & Automation

Upgrading an irrigation system can mean many things. We focus on the ones that are actually worth doing. If you have an old antiquated system, with no real hope of vast improvement, we won’t lead you down a road to nowhere. We will help you understand what your true beneficial options are and why. If you need more automation in your irrigation system or have a system with no automation or control at all, we can design a solution for you. If you are looking to improve your performance ... Read More

Certified Golf/Landscape Auditing

Having a great deal of experience irrigating the desert climates of New Mexico, we realize the importance of having an efficient and water conscience irrigation system. And likewise, auditing irrigation systems has become common practice for most governmental agencies in our area. Audits are typically performed after installation to measure the actual distribution uniformity as measured in the field, under normal operating conditions. This practice has been the single most influence for ... Read More

Distribution Modeling & Analysis

How efficient is your current irrigation system or irrigation design? Most other design companies could only guess... We can show you. One of our trademarks is to provide an efficient design on paper and transfer that efficiency to the field. We use advanced computer modeling to look at every aspect of our progressing design. From the distribution uniformity of the head spacing to the hydraulic pressures at key locations, we insure our clients with mathematical precision that our design was ... Read More

Water Management & Conservation

If you don’t currently practice any water management or conservation you soon will. Our water supply is the single most important resource our planet has to offer and may one day be the single most sought after resource in the world. If you don’t know how much water you actually use or how much water you should use, we can help. Setting realistic water budgets is beyond the expertise of many. There are so many different approaches and mathematical formulations that will bring a variety of ... Read More