Design Services

Detail Drawings & Specifications

Clear and concise instructions are key in every successful project. When everyone understands exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, there are rarely any questions. Accurate detail drawings and well-written specifications convey those instructions. When a group of contractors bid the same job, with the same material and the same expectations, the owner gets good competitive pricing. Likewise, when a contractor receives a professional set of contract documents, he is aware of all his ... Read More

Pump Station & Filtration Design

Whether you need to install or replace a pumping station or improve the quality of your water, we can help. Pump stations and filtration have become a more advanced and intricate part of moving water. With so many configurations, sensors and monitoring devices now available, what would benefit your application the most? Do you need to start or stop an action when a certain conditions is met? Do you need to monitor flow or pressure or do you have a wide variety of flow conditions? Do you have ... Read More

Water Harvesting & Water Reuse

Water harvesting and alternative water sources are among the fastest growing aspects of irrigation design. Nearly all large municipalities are already using or will soon consider using alternative water sources for their irrigation needs. These water sources can be a wide range from low quality surface water to effluent to brine ground water. We have the experience and expertise to correctly utilize your water whatever the challenge may be. Mixing lakes, salinity monitoring, chemical injection ... Read More

Reduction & Reclamation Design

Do you need to reduce your water use or provide supplemental irrigation for a reclamation project or both? We have the experience you need to reach your goals. There are many projects, such as golf, where the course style is about to undertake a more conscience or adaptable transformation. Existing irrigation many already be in-place, but modifications will need to be made. We are experts in designing cost-conscious solutions to meet your impending needs. Is your project to re-establish or ... Read More

Irrigation Master Planning

Whether you are planning phased construction or establishing a long-term goal, we can provide the design expertise to fit your needs. Many clients require irrigation systems to grow with their developments, many clients require multiple contractors or large scale construction and some just need an idea of how much a system is going to cost. We provide the irrigation answers to all of your long- term goals. Are you working with strict water budgets? Most of our clients are. We can provide ... Read More

Irrigation Design & Development

Our primary goals when designing your irrigation system are maximum efficiency and economical proficiency. It would make no sense to make such a substantial investment for a mediocre system that will only get you by another five years. Water and power are becoming so expensive and so scrutinized that you need to know that you are doing everything you can to use your resources wisely and efficiently. Irrigation Services, LLC is a unique company in terms of our approach to design. We commit to ... Read More