Construction Services

Central Control Programming

Water budgeting, scheduling and flow management are key concepts in programming your central computer. Bringing these concepts together in the most efficient manner is what we do. Our irrigation designs are a careful balance of flexibility and responsibility. We design your irrigation system to meet your very worst demand, without incident. After that, it only gets easier. We design our systems to be exceptionally uniform in distribution and application, which translates into simplified and ... Read More

Installation Inspections & Observations

Knowing how to design irrigation systems is one thing, but installing them is another. We know both. We’ve seen many intriguing ways contractors sometimes put things together. Some good, other times not so good. Accuracy in design can prevent almost all occurrences of these sometimes-necessary instances, but when it can’t, knowing what is and is not acceptable is a must. Understanding both design and installation makes for sharp skills when observing an installation crew at work. Are they ... Read More

GPS Staking & Layout

GPS staking and layout makes any project dealing with precision easier and more accurate. Using survey-grade GPS equipment, we are able to transform exactly what is on the plan to the field. Having survey-grade accuracy insures our clients that the system that was designed on paper is what was installed in the field. Contractors utilize this service for a multitude of reasons. They are assured that they are installing the right quantities in the right places and that the locations match the ... Read More

GPS As-Builting & Record Drawings

Having an accurate set of as-built record drawings is of huge importance for proper maintenance and operation of your irrigation system. Maintenance can be simplified, precise and much less time consuming when you have an accurate, high-quality set of as-built records. There is no more guessing or searching for shut-off valves, quick couplers, wire splices or pipe locations. Whether you require handy field maintenance books or digital ESRI format shape files, we can provide the accurate data ... Read More

Cost Control & Value Engineering

Have you ever seen a design with ridiculous additive alternates that, if not chosen, compromised the integrity of the entire system? This is not a beneficial cost control technique. The core design should always meet the intended requirements of the system and when working with tight budgets, the best value comes from innovative design. We design it right the first time. We spend the time it takes to fully develop our construction documents into a precise set of instructions. Everyone ... Read More