Detail Drawings & Specifications


Clear and concise instructions are key in every successful project. When everyone understands exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, there are rarely any questions. Accurate detail drawings and well-written specifications convey those instructions. When a group of contractors bid the same job, with the same material and the same expectations, the owner gets good competitive pricing. Likewise, when a contractor receives a professional set of contract documents, he is aware of all his risks and obligations and is able to assess those items in terms of dollars - no guessing on what else might be required or unfairly perceived.

When a client has entrusted us to design a multi-million dollar irrigation system or a five-thousand dollar system, we take the time to insure that the system we designed is what our client expects. We carry that obligation all the way through the construction process. In order to insure that the contractor understands what is expected of him, we carefully plan each assembly, each location and each result.

Our specifications and detail drawings are tailored to each project and are refined from years of proven instruction. Be assured that we understand the importance of good instructions and we convey that instruction into each project we design.